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About Us

We understand you have many options when deciding who to hire to build your new deck.

At Deck Dude, we aren't handymen or a "Chuck in a truck". We're not a general contractor or a window and siding company who does decks on the side.


 All we do is decks!

We specialize in tear out/rebuild. Codes have changed dramatically in the last 7 years. If decks aren't your contractor's main business, it's likely they aren't up to date on code changes. This can be very costly, and potentially dangerous in the long run.

We always get permits and inspections and are part of numerous deck building groups to help keep us up to date on code changes and best practices.

Large or small, wood or composite, we ensure that your deck is safe and built to last for years to come.


Anybody can claim to do a good job, so we invite you to check out our reviews and testimonials on Facebook and Google to see what our customers say!

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